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    EATASA provides training in hippotherapy and ensures ethical practice of hippotherapy in South Africa
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    He is not just my Horse,
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Ensuring Good Practice

EATASA is committed to providing therapists with knowledge and support in their practice. This way we hope to ensure good practice in the use of hippotherapy

Hippotherapy Training

EATASA runs courses in hippotherapy for occupational - physical- and speech therapists.

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About the Commitee

Equine assisted therapies association of South Africa (EATASA) was started in 2010 by two occupational therapists, a physiotherapists and a representative from South African Riding for the the Disabled Association (SARDA). Two of the therapists had close relationships and dealings with the American Hippotherapy Association (AHA) and wanted to start an organization in South Africa with the aim to advocate for, build awareness and provide training in hippotherapy.

At present EATASA has a committee of seven therapists representing occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy. EATASA organizes introductory courses in hippotherapy which is a five day course and includes both theory and practical elements. EATASA advocates for hippotherapy to form part of an integrative therapeutic services at health care bodies including HPCSA and allied health care bodies. EATASA builds local and international connections to develop hippotherapy and improve the level of service in hippotherapy both in South Africa and abroad. EATASA looks to support therapists entering the hippotherapy practice or currently practicing hippotherapy, to strive toward world class standards in hippotherapy training and practice. Eatasa provides parents / caregivers / clients with information regarding the indications and benefits of hippotherapy as well as a directory of therapists practicing hippotherapy in South Africa.

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